6 Summer’s here for sure, isn’t that just pure beauty above, that’s a real flower, incredible. Watched the Awards other evening thought it was one of the better shows, Cat’s time had come, but the E Street Bands induction was very good, nice to see members from the past up there and sounding so sweet , powerful and just plain awesome all around! Funny seemed like more than just Big Man & Danny was missing, one other person was not there either, guess dreams do come true, eh, Bruce? Once in a while i guess, for some even in their time not 30 years after their dead like Stevie Ray Vaughn, which is just a downright shame, the hall should hang their heads in shame for letting another year go without Johnny Winter, Albert Collins and others!

Had my hand surgery, plastic surgeon ,God , so much better, think I’m going to be okay but have to live with pain and  50%/60% usage only. Find a way to keep doing my projects, have several tracks down, need more work, mandolin on chorus of 1 track is hard to play but getting there!  Do you realize asshole in charge of Repug’s is suing Pres. Obama with taxpayer $’s. that’s insane he’s the 1 who brings the country with a hair of default every 4/6 months on the budget. And all these wars every where, they are starting wars to make $, start war, USA comes in with tons of $, steal money, end war. wait year, repeat, it’s the greatest scam going, we could save lives by just giving them $ and stay home!