Some of these stories come from a meeting at a Long Branch 7/11, summer of 74′ which detail tales of rock & roll never told before. Tom Petty, “Jammin’ Me”, did that one, also told Bruce to get Dylan(for unknown reasons, Ha Ha), Harrison( my favorite Beatle), Lynne( used to love seeing ELO live, the cellist drunk  fallin’ off his chair playing in N.Y., ’73), and of course the Voice, Roy Orbison, together to sing  my words,  “Handle With Care”, I believe. And they could call me “Bruno”. Loved Michelob beer back then so I wrote “Don’t You Know What the Night Can Do”, given to Mr. Winwood.

I did a lot of walkin’ back then, would think nothin’ of just going to Freehold from Long Branch, just to see the folks but getting a ride back. Did a lot of writing in my head, putting it on paper later. Was standing there with Bruce, Mr. Hammond, Patty Smith behind the counter,  they asked how did a certain song go, said give me the chorus,” I will survive, I will get by”, well I sang it with the last word going high/low, and changing up to we will survive. They were taping it so they got the chorus, melody easy enough to add, I’d been a dead head since ’68, saw them at the Fillmore East several times, so I wrote them a song, given thru Bruce. But there’s something funny ’bout that song. As you’ll notice cows don’t give kerosene. But in that song is a message from me, the words from the verses actually mean something else than what you see, try but you’ll never get it, I will though reveal the actual meaning down the road somewhere. “Touch of Grey”, indeed.

But as you see quite a few songs written for others, though Bruce got his pick, a lot done for E Street Band. I had got stuck on writing songs with born in the title, hence, I wrote “Born to Run”, there really was a Wendy in my life back then. Bruce wrote the music to the most killer song ever done. I wrote the words in my tackroom at Monmouth Race Track. When you hear the first notes its like dope rushin’ thru your veins. And as the band plays you begin to feel as if there’s true hope to your life and everything ‘s going to be alright if you live long enough. Also did ” Sledgehammer”, the words only, good job by Peter Gabriel on the music.

“Sweet Sixteen”, Billy Idol, did the words, ’cause always havin’ to check girls real age, so many look beyond their years, even more so these days. Hall for these rockers. Damn, I was 18 swear she was 18, ended runnin’ down the road screaming after she says she’s 16. The things that girl knew, the dope she used, God, my eyes were wide open but she fooled me and my buds. Christ, Jersey girls indeed.

Occupy, you all will need to make it thru the winter, then you’ll have an unbelievable summer, you’re seeing what your up against with arrests, pepper spray, etc., etc. They will do anything to stop you from bringing attention to the fact that Congress is dishonest, they are still trying to fool everyone but nothings changed in 6 months they’re still up to their bullshit. Don’t forget your trying to bring equality to the people, the wealthy oppose everything about you. They’ll end S.S. & Medicare but not tax the rich as they should be taxed. Yeah, Congress is really on the side of the people. You will have to reach all the voters and begin the tedious job of running off all the a-holes in Congress and get’em replaced by true patriots for /of & by the people. People who will deliver on their promises and rebuild this country.

Robin Trower, in the Hall, of course he belongs.” R.E.M.”, gave them “It’s the End Of the World”, telling Bruce for the guitarist to hit the wrong chord in it, ’cause it would sound like the end of the world. Uh Huh, I just needed a simple prop. And of course can’t forget “Paper in Fire”, John you did my words proud. Thank you.