Untitled 2.tiffstyj                                           Winter, actually wore sweatpants for half a day, only time in a year, which is ’bout normal for down here. Therapy, it hurts but only way to get my hand back so I can play normal again or as normal as I can. Even thru Morphine/Oxycontin I still feel the pain and I don’t even take the pills for my hand. I Bought a DragonFly, actually a gift , it’s a USB DAC sound adapter you add to your iMac that brings out all the sounds you know are in your recordings but for some reason or another ain’t there. So add in a Dragonfly and close your eye’s and viola’ damn if the music don’t sound like it’s supposed to. Buy one you won’t regret it. Crank it up’ , shake the walls  all day listening to what you been needing for a while. You can use it with headphones or your desktop setup like my Bose with a subwoofer or still run it thru the Bose into a surround/sound column speaker system I’ve patched together to make my setup do a sonic boom when I want one which is quite a lot lately to keep my senses in the right place. Crank up a show from 69’/70’/71′ from Wolfgang’s Vault. Again I advise everyone to try it out for the real thing for all music. It makes everything alright for a while again least for a little while. Light up a bone and enjoy!

President Obama, you need to put an end to the oil companies who use the American people as idiots and then they keep doing it over and over. The price of gas is now $4.25, every 3/4 months they raise the price, people bitch, then they lower the prices back to 10% or so more than the last time. Then 3/4 months from now they do the same thing and it hits $4.50 then they back off again only to do it all over again over and over. Then it’ll be $5.00 next summer, unless you do something now. There is no reason for this obscene bait & switch they are pulling on the taxpayers who also have to cough up the concessions Congress gives these oil companies.It’s so obvious someones putting money in their pockets. And it’s not the people who you and Congress represent. Everywhere you look in Govt. there’s so, so much waste it’s sickening , being able to say “No More”, and you don’t hear us, the people. Congress should first limit all terms to 2, yes 2 terms per person same as the president, these 80 year senators who can’t even see and still think, it’s “Howdy Doody” Time, need to go, and it would give the people someone to represent them with the latest knowledge/technology and such. And why are they allowed to wait to the last second over & over to pass bills that keep this country running, someone should tell them they look like 8-year-old idiots having baby fights, someone please slap them people upside the head before they destroy this country.


President Obama, you must stop this, you can’t give money away to our future enemies, yes they’re your friends if you’re giving them money but watch out when it’s stopped, see whose friends they are then. Please use that money on our people, it brings tears to my eye’s when you let or even agree with this policy. Iraq had $ 811 Billion for rebuilding and no one knows where it went, or to whom, somebody’s bank account grew though.

The people of this country are not in good shape. my own case, I’m physically unable to work, I receive government assistance payments which are below the federal poverty limit for a single person, I am forced to live in a substandard arrangement, if you can imagine. Otherwise I’d be homeless on the street, I rely on the assistance of others for my needs, I save for 6/12 months to buy something for myself, I got a $ 10 raise in my monthly payment and Food Stamps took $ 15 away from me monthly, now I’m worse off than before. After my mother is gone I basically will probably be gone myself but I promised my family that I’d watch over her till her passing on and that’s my word which unlike so many others is real and actually means something ’cause I’ll do it, I know I’ll be homeless, and physically mentally, due to medication use I won’t survive out there and there are so many worse off than me who are not going to survive long. The things I’ve done in my life should have led to me being in a better off position then I am but that’s my fault, I trusted those I believed in and have been let down by those I truly trusted out of all others. I’ve worked my whole life, but my body has worn out due to my many, many different  occupations, dangerous one’s in which I was injured too many times but I never received any financial assistance from anyone, you just would lose your job, heal yourself, then start over again and again. Hell like I said 2 years ago I died but they zapped me back so I can’t complain much really. I’ve been the caretaker for 3 thoroughbred Champions, written the words to many Grammy winners and even wrote the words to an Oscar song winner, but I receive no recognition for any of those  endeavors, nor countless other adventures I’ve had in my lives, yes lives for I’m on my second one, I could still use the money I’m due for some of them.