Occupy Movement people, thank you, you’re the beginning of a major rebellion in this country. Believe me in the end it will all be worth it, the changes every one of you help bring about. Some will be hurt, hold the police accountable, yes, sue them. But don’t let them kill your spirits, they will try, physically, mentally, financially. They will move you constantly, tear everything down, arrest you, that’s why it’s called an uprising/rebellion. Romney/Republicans are not the one for the next 4 years. Obama is the one. He can hit the ground running, can’t you feel the changes occurring, things are slowly, finally getting better. It will happen but we need Obama to finish what he’s started not a new guy starting everything all over again. Believe me this mess is still the fault of 8 years of Bush. Do not fault Obama he’s only one man trying to right this country, with the Republicans constantly cutting him down, blocking everything he try’s just cause they don’t like him/democrats. Just vote for the best person running, the one who’s really going to help this country/represent the people not big business, etc.

Obama’s the one who got Bin Ladin, not Bush. He deserves 4 more years if for nothing else than this accomplishment. But the most important thing about this movement is, voting, we need everyone to vote to get Obama back in office, and we need to throw  3/4’s of the current members of  Congress out on their butts, kick their fat/rich asses  out of Washington just for how they are treating the Occupy protester’s. We need true politicians who really want to lead/help the people, representing us the way we would like to be represented and in this day with computers, etc. there’s no excuse for the man to not do the right thing, to know what the people want.  Vote out these liars/thieves, crooked/dishonest members of Congress, it’s time let’s do it finally. Remember how they spend the money we give them and how they borrow with no way to pay it back.  The rebuilding of America is starting, it will be a slow hard process with many setbacks but the future of America is now, let’s get it right this time.

Romney, you heard him, his feeling’s about the poor. The poor have their programs, they don’t need any help. We don’t need his kind in Washington.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Obama’s the One.