Again that was a special song to me, “Bobby Jean”, I’ve sat in a fleabag hotel room, extremely depressed in the 80’s, in middle of nowhere in Jersey with thought’s of suicide running thru my mind, “Bobby Jean” would come on the cheap hotel radio and like a dream I’d be lifted from the throes of my misery and come ’round again to face another day of life. And as you know suicide runs thru the words of my songs, even “Born to Run”. Funny I’d gone back to N.Y. again in ’87, working  ‘cross the river in Jersey but staying in N.Y. with my brother. It was getting to be summer I think, woke up one morning turned on the radio, and heard the Professor on WNEW, in its heyday the best rock station on FM and best DJ ’round, whom I’d met in high school. He’s talking ’bout a new E Street album, swear they immediately play both sides all the way thru, something they did a lot of, among other things that made it a such good station. Everyone in my house were asleep, a Saturday I think, thought it was an excellent way to start the day, listening to the words I’d written years before come over the radio waves. “Brilliant Disguise, Valentine’s Day, One Step Up”, all songs I’d lived to write down for other’s to feel/hear/sing/play. It was a special moment to me, then I went and got a 6 pack and sat out on a jetty with a harmonica. You’ll hear reference’s to Gypsy’s thru my words, well there is a section of Long Branch, N.J. that is predominately filled with Gypsy’s of which a few were and are my friends and still are if I happen to ever see them again as is common in my life, having moved along so much you sometimes won’t see family/friends for a long time in-between. But like in my song, “Gypsy Blood”, I’m free like a dove, given to, “Mason Ruffner”.

But it was I who walked away back then, the truth, I showed up ’74, I was gone ’74, a magical summer that I lived life to the fullest experiencing everything I could take in, tempting fate time and time again till I was emotionally drained, I had to go, so I headed south to South Florida back to sandy roads and beach’s of my youth to bring me back emotionally/mentally/physically. I came to Gulfstream racetrack in Miami, not far from a childhood home in the late 50’s/early 60’s I lived in for a year or so. But let’s get back to the story, “Spare Parts”, Bruce read this one and said he liked it, so that one was for him to sing. I only asked him to make it sound like Clapton was playing on the song, I think he accomplished what I was looking for in the music. 

So long “Whitney”, you were such a beauty, the voice of an angel, you were truly a singer, so sad your sadness in life, like a Billie Holiday of our time. We were all so lucky to have heard your voice in our lifetime, it made all our lives just a little more special knowing someone could sing like that.And thank you for bringing life to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, yes, I wrote the words to this song, given thru Bruce that same night as I knew of Cissy Houston, etc. and explained to Bruce who she was. It was another song I felt would win a Grammy but lost out to that body drummer song, which ended up being an annoying song to hear, Be Stupid or something. Speaking of “Van Halen”,  yes, I did the words to ” Jump”, and yes they are very simple, rather dumb lyrics but damn if they don’t work. Also passed thru Bruce that night to the various artists that I wrote  songs/words for.

So, Whitney, you’ve gone on ahead, may we meet again one day.