Sadness, without it you’d never know happiness. My best friend, Blue died, actually held him as he went to sleep for the final time, he was my dog. So many friends/family gone now only a few left. Almost forgot about another song. I wrote the words on the Laff Inn bar the night I was locked in. “Taking Care of Business”, Bachman, Turner Overdrive, thank you, you captured my intent perfectly. Another song passed to Bruce the night at the 7’11’. Used to take the train/ferry/2 subway trains each way to work for a short while in ’72/’73 in Manhattan/Staten Island.

Life’s slowed so much, I don’t allow any bullshit ’round me, I try to do the things I enjoy, pursue my interests, love those in my life and all-knowing time is getting short. Done most everything I set out to do in my life, accomplished the goals I set for myself. Now just watching how things play out. I like to sit unnoticed watching the world ’round me. Just sitting’ under a shady tree on a wall nearby. Watching the Hall of Fame show, the Beasty’s awards, never hardly heard their music when they were around, never affected me much kinda glad to say. though white boys did start-up the rite of rap in the beginning, wiggers/niggers. ┬áSuch as REM’s “End of the World As We Know it, but I Feel Fine”, that was rap the words I wrote for them. Words spoken fast so as you say your piece before any one can shut you down and make sure they listened and understood what you were saying. I think a lot old fart musicians from the older days not getting the nods anymore really enjoy the accolades once more for the band again. Feels good being loved once more, why not. Havin’ a beer and a laugh once more feels good any time, so why not. Its good seeing the ones we loved when we were kids again singing like they did when they were young. Havin’ a Party .

Didn’t know Donovan wrote “Season of the Witch”, I used to love playing the song years ago with a blues feel in a dive bar, put the show over the top for the night. Then quite a few things I missed off chasing horses but a lot everyone else missed when they weren’t paying’ attention. Lots of deals made ’round the corner, under the table, in the back room, away from prying eye’s & ear’s. Money changed hands in the black of night, careers set on fire no one needed to put them out. It’s just wrong , people singing other people’s songs to win karaoke contests it ain’t the way to make it in my life. You play an instrument well, you sing well, you join others similarly doing the same thing, you write some good songs,play bars get a following make a record on your own if needed to hell with the music assholes, and if you got luck, personality, good songs, good singing you have a chance of being heard, making some money and getting’ in the Hall of Fame. Talent contests, hell you should at least play your own music.

Even Bruce will tell you of playing gin joints, dirt floor bars, house parties, barnburners, I did. And you played hot grooving rocking/soul music that got people dancing, drinking, having fun. You put on a show, got paid, went on to bigger places, bigger paydays, made another record, played bigger places. Got Rich. Got Poor. What else is new, you’re a musician not an accountant.