This is a good photo of me in my younger days enjoying a cold one between sets one evening. Was sittin’ at a bar, South Florida, noticed a guy ‘cross the way who looked familiar, then I placed him and asked for the 7 dirtiest words not allowed on T.V. Yep, it was George Carlin, in person. Bought me a beer, told a few jokes and was a all-round good guy. Yes I have a habit of running’ into people, that was in the ’80’s. Seems they have a party in Asbury every weekend now it’s summer. Hope they use some of the proceeds to rebuild the war zone ’round them. Might visit this summer, fly in/out, usually just walk ’round town like the old days. See my brother in N.Y., he’s still a cop in Brooklyn, walks his beat everyday. One of my hero’s, my brother.

Reached the top quite some time ago, those mountains most of us place before us to climb. Been taking my time coming down the other side, not being in a rush to reach the bottom. Done climbing those peaks I chose to be worthy of my efforts. Now it’s enjoy life as best I can, help my Ma thru her remaining years. Damn I enjoy the technological advances that have been achieved, I’m a die-hard Apple user, now seems those Dell’s I used & Windows were simple toys/games compared to anything Apple. The price is worth the product. The places you can go/the things you can accomplish are amazing. Joined the Apple army 7 months ago and haven’t looked back. Even got a Mini Cooper, God, cool ride, great for cruising.

They just passed the health care bill, finally they actually give the people something for their money. BRAVO, President OBAMA.

                                                                 ************** OBAMA’S THE ONE ***************