Just when you think you’ve seen everything in a photo, best look again! Got 6 shots of cortisone in my hand last week, it’s actually helped a little with the pain. Fingers don’t work right anymore, to touch anything with the pads hurts, such as strings on a instrument neck and they are slowly closing into a permanent fist. Go back to the Dr. 2 weeks, take it from there.

All you people who voted for Obama deserve applause, those who tried getting others out to vote an even longer applause. Thank you, in 4 years you’ll look back and be so glad Obama won, because he will stand up to the problems this country is going to face and make the right decisions. By the way he’s really on our side, yes you, me and all others not in the 1%.

” OBAMA’S THE ONE “, Your on the right path, keep on going, hell with the naysayers. Listen to Wild Bill he’s on your side, and he knows how to put the country in the black. The Bush’s ruined our economy, end these wars they started.

Yes, this country came together when it needed to for all the right reasons. I applaud you again. Barack, you only got 4 years left, get going, this is it no more second chances, to hell with Congress, make them do what needs to be done. First stop giving money to all these ungrateful bastard country’s who are not our friends, hell with n. korea, pakistan, and so many others. And put the country to work rebuilding America, it’s time, so much is starting to fall apart. Remember take care of your own first, before others, when your giving, they’re your friends but won’t know you when we’re down and out. And have this country ready, for you know the terrorists will be trying something again, and when they do don’t attack a country, attack those responsible, those who harbor them, etc. Bring all the troops home, the money saved will pay for the work needed done, rebuilding America. Have our troops ready to defend America for they will be coming and we must be ready, for anything / everything here on our own soil!

Sorry for Jersey and the Island[SI], now you all know what a hurricane’s all about. Mother Nature at her worse. My brother, a cop on the Island/Brooklyn, made it thru as did all my other family in the area, flooding basements mostly. Sandy, so ironic , eh’, Bruce. But I see on the net that the Pony’s still there. Good. A beer & a song will cheer most up. And there will be work aplenty rebuilding, get out there people. Even if only to chip in, someone will always pay for some immediate help, if they can.