IMG_1032So, it’s my dog, Blue and I, on the roads of America. Haven’t really done much but I am living out here, and the freedom is refreshing, have so much to remember and learn about living on the road. Guess you could say this is my last road trip as after my quadruple heart bypass I’m not long for this world, so I need and plan on enjoying every moment I have left! So much stress is gone, one of the real problems for my health, lost weight down to 175 again but funny I still have a small belly roll, but it’s leaving along with my blues fairly fast! So I’m writing again, music/words, few things to say before I go on to my next life, yes some of us actually, live more than once, in this life, I’ve helped so many, I’ve left a few things behind to be remembered for, have a few debts unpaid yet, but that’s their choice, not knowing whom they are really dealing with! So it’s nice to be up at 2 in the mornin’ writing with the sounds and sights of the night again! It’s been awhile and I’m using a computer now instead of pen and paper! A few photo’s for those interested. Till next time! New car, what do you think! I love it!



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