Summer’s definitely here. Love going to the reservoir, always a rope swing hanging from the highest tree to swing from. Head to down to the river to cool off, leave this world for a while. These days you can have guitars/amps, mics, drums, damn everything you need to play outdoors without AC, you have DC now and it really works good, have my own setup, go out occasionally to pick. Summer nights are perfect for playin’ with others. Having surgery on my left fret hand August 1, it will be my 3rd surgery in a year. They’ve made 7 incisions in my hand, one 4 inches long from my wrist across my palm to the base of my finger. So much pain and I live on oxycontin & morphine normally just for a host of physical problems. But still the worst pain I’ve ever experienced was after quadruple heart surgery a year & 5 months ago. Having  my leg on fire was 2nd, the healing when they pull your dead/burnt skin off, the actual flames didn’t hurt at all, I put it out with my own hands, then jumped in the canal, it’s handy having canals everywhere down here. It’s extremely difficult to play any instrument much less this computer keyboard right now, I’m slowly losing use of my hand, here’s hoping the Dr. can help me this time. Then my right arm I actually almost cut the whole thing off at the elbow but they were able to sew me back together so I’ve got 70% of my use back. Actually had no feeling below my elbow for 3 months. And that was the 3rd accident to my right arm. I don’t have tattoos, I have scars and they all tell tales of my life, most don’t know it but I’ve even lost a testicle to the surgeon, cancer. I’ve had skull fractures/surgery’s, you can see the damage. God I know pain, only too well.

Down here Dixie way you can be out walking and see a fish passin’ you. No kidding there’s walkin’ fish down here and they are big, 12″ at least the ones I’ve seen. Don’t you love it. Notice that if you don’t pay attention you’d forget this country’s at war. Funny how time’s change, during ‘Nam you’d see the war all day/nite on the news with daily body counts. Now they hardly tell you anything, if this country quit these wars we’d be in the black financially. Occupy now is the time to standup, don’t let this moment in time slip by. This country really needs Obama back as President, if Romney gets in everyone will be crying for a long time. Bruce, you need to get out there and tell people to vote for him, you influence more people than Romney/Obama combined. You could put the election in his hands. And the rest of you rockers, get out there and help reelect Obama. Ask, tell, beg people to vote for him. It’s that important, you have no idea whats down the road for this country and we’ll need Obama to be there when the moment comes. Romney’s just a rich powder puff, he’s not the common people’s friend. Surgery tomorrow, here’s hoping. Went swimming this mornin’, the ocean, it was calm as a lake, so beautiful, so good.


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