Ol’ Cadillac tail fins, God, I love them . “Pink Cadillac”, my first x-rated song, “innuendo”, beautiful when used right, this song is the perfect example of getting something past those idiot censors of old. This song is not really about Caddy’s, its tongue in-cheek about, yep’, “pussy”, you got to love it when Nat King Coles daughter starts singing the words of this song, she definitely doesn’t understand what is really being said, hope someone tells her, told Bruce to use the same feel from listening to “Peter Gunn” albums, good big band music I was into, early 70’s. The band captured the beat, the groove,the freight train coming full force and applied it to “Pink Cadillac”, damn good job to me. Of course, this was the song inspired by my meeting and sittin’ in a pink Caddy so many years before with Elvis and the story he told me, which I’ll relate later.

Depression,I was rolled up, tied up, chained up, in it 24/7 back then, so much shit came at me at the time, used alcohol, pot to medicate myself, doctors had nothing that worked not destroying your creative urges. Now I’m still depressed  but I take lot better med.s to control it while leaving my creativity alone.. Such sad words I wrote, but so incredibly beautiful too. “Sweet Child Of Mine” was so personal, a girl at the Asbury beach, smoked a bone’ with, then went to that hotel cross the street from the Pony, used to get the same room every week if my finances from the pony’s were good, just looking out at the sea/people lined up, Pony. Go walking up the boardwalk writing, “Tunnel of Love”, came that way. Was at Asbury recently, remembered the pier in Long Branch, you had to buy a ticket to get on the pier from the fat man in the booth sittin’ on a stool.

You did one thing for me , giving out food/money for food every town you played, yes there’s hunger elsewhere but there is extreme poverty in this country, mind-blowing hunger , you just don’t see it, I have experienced it, gone hungry 3/4 days many a time. By creating a ripple you end up with a wave.

“Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution”, no screaming revolution, it’s what America should be doing, 10 million strong marching on Washington would get those assholes attention, I mean you’re not working anyway, everyone go camp out on Capital hill till they start taking care of our own and blowing all that money on Iraq/Afghan. An idiot knows you take care of your own before anyone else. No more giving billions away to other countries, bring the troops home, you did what you went there for, killin’ Hussein & Bin Laden. America needs to stand up and ask for accountability from their leaders, it’s the people’s money they are blowing, I’m sure we could blow it on our own, what do we need them for. Yes, I wrote the words to that one to. Thanks, Tracy!

Remembering fine tooth combs, , Bruce asked what I meant by the reference in my songs, and I told him but it’s also an old blues phase used in many blues songs and has different meanings to each writer, I have my own. Yep, here’s a strange one I did the words to, “Islands in the Stream”, love Dolly’s voice and remembered Kenny from First Editions but you have to love Dolly for her Blue Ridge Mountains, yep, she’s got it going. But that brings up another one, I love hooters, what we called them back in the 70’s, you guessed it I wrote the words to the Hooters, “All You Zombies”, they got’em thru Bruce. But that’s how I feel about this country and it’s leader’s, giving money to other country’s when this country is broke, yes people this country is broke and needs money management for the a-holes spending it. Since it’s the people’s money use it for the benefit of the people who provide it. Look at Haiti, where’s all that money given, maybe ask Bill & George, they were in charge of the relief/rebuilding effort there. Yea, all you zombies.

The Vietnam war was stopped by the people demonstrating, it can be done again. Either way there is a revolt coming to this country, be ready, people are going to rise up to change things, it’s coming, how many times can you screw everyone before they realize enough’s enough. And its time to finally have the rich paying their fair share, there is no excuse no more, everyone should be paying a fair share related to their income. Damn I’ve got some good country storys for you, coming soon to a page in front of you.


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